DATE: Sunday, 20th October 2019

WHERE: Praha - Klanovice, area of local basic school, street V Soudnim

REGISTRATION POINT: Sporting hall (near the basic school)

TRANSPORT TO THE START OF THE RACE: Public transport – we recommend the train (Line S1: Praha - Kolín) to the station Prague – Klánovice, and then approximately 10 minutes’ walk to the start, or a bus (lines 221 or 303) from Praha Černý most to Smržovská bus stop

PARKING: at the train station Praha – Klánovice, or at nearby streets, parking close to start IS NOT POSSIBLE

CAPACITY: 1500 runners (10k run, relay and Halfmarathon race in total)


10K race:

   450CZK ­– first 500 registrations (including Halfmarathon and Relay)

   550CZK – next 1000 registrations (including Halfmarathon and Relay)


   500CZK ­– first 500 registrations (including 10k race and Relay)

   600CZK – next 1000 registrations (including 10k race and Relay)

Relay 11 + 10km:

   900CZK First 500 registrations (including 10KM + 1/2M)

   1100CZK next 1000 registrations  (including 10KM + 1/2M)

RELAY 11 + 10KM: The race is for couples who will run the 1/2 Marathon track. Relay point is just several hundret meters from the finish line. Competitors must run together over time-keeping carpet.
CATEGORIES: (depends on year of birth, not on the runner's age)

Children's races – see separate propositions


  Z1 – women (aged 15–30), born in 1989–2004

  Z2 – women (aged 31–45), born in 1974–1988

  Z3 – women (older than 45), born earlier than 1973

  M1 – men (aged 15–35), born in 1984–2004

  M2 – men (aged 36–45), born in 1974–1983

  M3 – men (aged 46–55), born in 1964–1973

  M4 – men (older than 55), born earlier than 1963

10k run:

  Z10-1 – women born before the year 1989 (younger than 30)

  Z10-2 – women born between years 1974 and 1988 (aged 30–45)

  Z10-3 – women born earlier than 1973 (older than 45)

  M10-1 – men born before the year 1989 (younger than 30)

  M10-2 – men born between years 1974 and 1988 (aged 30–45)

  M10-3 – men born earlier than 1973 (older than 45)





AWARD CEREMONY: 3 fastest runners in each category. 

PRIZE MONEY – Halfmarathon – up tp 23,500 CZK is divided between five men and five women in overall ranking. Limit time to get prize money is under 1:20:00 for men and under 1:30:00 for women.

Men:                                  Women:

1. 5 000CZK                         5 000CZK

2. 3 000CZK                         3 000CZK

3. 2 000CZK                         2 000CZK

4. 1 000CZK                         1 000CZK

5.    750CZK                            750CZK

Breaking track record - 3000CZK (Vítek Pavlišta: 1:07:11 / Monika Hloušková 1:20:53 - both 2018)


  7:30AM – opening the registration (in a sporting hall) 

  10:00–10:30AM – children’s races

  10:30AM – registration closure for newcomers and possibility to change the registration

  10:45AM – start of women’s canicross (mass start)

  10:50AM – start of men’s canicross (mass start)

  11:00AM – closure of start numbers’ pick-up

  11:50AM – start of 10k race

  12:00AM – start of Halfmarathon

  2:00–2:45PM – concert

  3:00PM – awards ceremony

SERVICE FOR RUNNERS: Technical area is ready for runners – there, you can leave your luggage, there is a cloakroom, showers, medical service and refreshment



The race takes place in the beautiful area of Klánovice forest whose big part consists of a nature reserve. Please, respect the following rules:

  1. Each runner participates at their own risk. By the registration, they pledges to respect the rules of the race mentioned below.

  2. 10k and Halfmarathon race is for everybody who is older than 15, the runners under 18 years of age can participate only with the written consent of the legal representative

  3. It is forbidden to run beyond the marked paths and damage nature or disturb the wildlife

  4. To litter the waste, use the area around the refreshment zones or you can carry it to the finish zone

  5. Organizer is not responsible for and does not cover any damage to health and property caused by the race

  6. Start number is not transferable to another person and must be placed visibly on the runner’s chest

  7. All pictures and video taken during the race by the organizer can be used for its further promotion

  8. The race is held in all weather conditions

  9. Your email address will be used for sending information messages about news regarding the race and other events organized by the organizer

  10. It is possible to disqualify the runner in case of disrespecting these rules

11. We compete in the spirit of fair play

12. Other rules in CZ proposition