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In a couple of days, we meet in Klánovice at 3rd Klánovice Halfmarathon. What awaits you on Sunday?


Children’s races, Canicross, 10k and 21k runs

The day is opened by children’s races – as early as 9:40 AM and there will be held races of various lengths – from 400m to 2k run. We would like to ask you to come on time and to support young athletes in their race. We also have a special category for the youngest athletes (up to 6 years of age) which start at 2:50 PM and its length is uncompromising 60m :) Will your child run as well? 
Canicross is next, which is a run with a dog. The first group of 10 runners with their dogs starts at 10:45 AM while the additional groups will start each following minutes. 

The start of 10k race and Halfmarathon race is separate. The 10k run starts at 11:50 AM (while they are arranged and run towards the forest), the runners of the Halfmarathon race start at the high noon (12:00) while they run to the other direction. The course of the race is one-lap only while the cumulative elevation gain of the Halfmarathon race is only 120m.

The start is divided according to the performance at the Halfmarathon race of the runners into 3 corridors (A-B-C) while the 10k run start is divided into 2 corridors (A, B) according to presumptive times – your letter of the corridor is on your start number.

Pick up your number on Saturday and avoid the stress

We recommend to use train connection as a means of transport to get to Klánovice (ideally on Sunday at 9:08 AM from Praha – Masarykovo nádraží to Praha – Klánovice station), or the bus (no. 221 or no. 303) from the bus station to Černý most bus stop Smržovská because of the limited parking capacity. Both of the mentioned stations are close to the start location and the way to the start will be marked. In case of your arrival by care, please, RESPECT ROAD SIGNS AND MARKINGS and park in a sensible way… It is possible to park near the train station or in streets nearby. However, pay attention to no-stopping signs due to gas pipeline reconstruction. It is better to leave your car at home – therefore you will not have any troubles with it and you would be able to enjoy your beer after the race :)
It is possible to pick up your number as early as
on Sunday, 21st October from 4 PM to 8 PM. The registration is opened on Sunday at 7:30 AM while it is located in a sport hall near basic school, you can pick up your start number no later than 11:00 AM, no later than 9:00 AM in case of children. Since we are expecting a mass of people, you should arrive before 10:00 AM. The start numbers are ordered according to surnames – you should look for your section. Your start number might also be found in the start list. At the registration, you have to prove your identity with your valid identity card and a mail with your start number (it is OK to have it in your mobile phone). If you are picking up a start number for your friend, take their mail and a copy of their identity card. If the capacity is full, it is not possible to create new registrations (apart from children’s races). It is possible to make a change in your registration until 9:00 AM for 100 CZK – e.g. it is possible to participate in another race (you can change from 10k race to the halfmarathon and vice-versa) or it is possible to change the name of the registered runner, re-registration.
Use the cloakrooms and store your things to the storage. You can also have a massage before the race – therefore, it is good to come in advance, ahead of time. After the race, you can have a shower. You can also look forward to a concert of a band Free Ride and a talk by René Kujan – a man who ran twice across Iceland for the wheelchair users. The starting fee includes also the accident insurance by the insurance company VZP.

Refreshment both on the track and in technical area 

There are 5 refreshment points on the course of Halfmarathon + one in finish (6th*, 10th*, 13th, 16th*, 18,5th*km + finish*), while on the course of 10k run, there will be 3 refreshment points + 1 in finish (3rd, 6th*, 8thkm + finish*). Spring water Rajec will be available and at some of the refreshment points (marked *), there will be bananas, bars and Isostar – ion supply drink – and cakes (kolaches) in finish. Your support team will not be starving as well – there will be refreshment stands and a café ready in technical area. There will also be stands of our partners – do not forget to visit them and use their special offers. The program is varied and it will entertain your whole family. The winners of the races and tombola will be announced at 3:00 PM.
More information, instructions and program are at
For current news, see facebook event
See you on Sunday!
Organizing team Tři pro zdraví

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